Joe and Matt Vergano own and operate Lakewood Glass and Windows and are supported in the field and office by family and long-time, trusted associates. As Joe and Matt like to say,

We don’t let anyone into your home that we wouldn’t have in our home.
  • Lakewood Glass and Windows is a Certified Dealer/Replacement Specialist of industry leading, award winning, Milgard© Windows and Doors. Time to upgrade your current windows? We can help with selection and/or installation, and with the Milgard© Full Lifetime Warranty, your peace of mind is assured [for complete warranty details, visit].
  • Lakewood Glass and Windows also provides courteous, professional, and cost competitive reglazing (glass replacement) for all other brands and styles of existing windows. Whether single or double pane, tempered (about 4 times stronger) or annealed (most common usage), clear or treated for energy efficiency, we can fix any broken window glass issues that you may have, either commercial or residential.
  • Lakewood Glass and Windows also carries a wide range of replacement hardware for most existing windows. From glazing bead to screens, locks/latches, cranks, handles, hinges, etc. If we don't have a part in stock, we can usually find one in a time/cost efficient manner.
  • At Lakewood Glass and Windows we firmly believe in treating our customers like family. This means that...
  1. We show up when we say we'll show up, whether it's for an always free estimate/consultation, or an installation or maintenance appointment. We don't like waiting around all day for people to show up, why should you?
  2. We never try to sell or "upsell" you something that you neither want or need. We've heard the stories (sometimes once or twice a week) about other window companies who insisted that a customer "needed" a full window replacement, when all they really needed and wanted was a simple glass replacement. Unfortunately, this is an all too common practice, and it usually stems from marketing offers that are too good to be true, resulting in an economic disparity between the offer, and the real world. In addition, some companies employ a sales staff which are paid on a commission. While that may incentivize sales for the company and be good for their bottom line, it doesn't end up being too good for yours.
  3. At Lakewood Glass and Windows you aren't expected to cover the cost of our marketing and advertising, In fact, we don't actively advertise at all. 100% of our business comes from simple word of mouth referrals. This means that you can count on our reputation, as so many others have, to provide you with the best products and service available, without having to pay our marketing costs in the process. Also, we do not employ a sales staff, and all of our estimates and consultations are always free of charge - commissions or otherwise.